About Windows SmartScreen

If you receive a notification when running our apps, make sure you verify the signature.

Click on the More info link to show executable and signer information.


Verify the application was signed by ReBuildAll Solutions Oy. Then press Run anyway.



Microsoft/Windows will warn people about apps even if they are signed by a valid Code Signing certificate. I cannot do anything to prevent this behavior. It will go away when multiple people have started using the apps I sign with my certificate.

Seventh Horseman or ReBuildAll Solutions Oy

The code signing certificate can contain only the name of the actual legal entity / company, in this case the Finnish name of my company is ReBuildAll Solutions Oy. Some products - gaming and roleplaying related - are published using another legal name that is also registered under the same company, called Seventh Horseman. But the code signing certificate can only contain the "base" name of the company, not any other legal names.